10 Weekly Goals

In my Weekly Planning Hour I have begun reviewing my yearly goals and setting goals for the week ahead. I have six different life areas that I have set goals in. Reviewing those big yearly intentions and seeing them broken down into smaller weekly goals has been motivating and encouraging. Keeping in mind the 5 habits of a mindful mama, I have even been able to cross some of these goals off my list!

10 Weekly Goals
10 Weekly Goals

An update on how I did on my goals last week:


* bake Herman cake
* complete one task from 31 Day House Cleaning Challenge


* determine our monthly expenses


* construct a blog style guide
* write and schedule Kids Co-Op, Our Weekly Play Rhythm and an activity post one week in advance
* spend 10 minutes on Daily Traffic Checklist
* comment daily on blogs in Bloglovin’


* schedule monthly date with Steve


* attend Curves twice this week
* eat four pieces of fruit

This Weeks Goals:


~ Complete one task from 31 Day House Cleaning Challenge
~ start adding meals to monthly menu plan


(I am trialling a budgeting program at the moment and the next few weeks the focus is on watching our spending in our budgeted areas)


~ Complete ‘How to take awesome photos with your smart phone’ RSB module
~ write and schedule blog posts one week in advance: kids Co-op, weekly play + an activity post; weekly goals & menu
~ 10 minutes on Daily Traffic Checklist
~ comment on other blogs using Bloglovin


~ take kids to Arboretum


~ attend Curves twice a week
~ eat four pieces of fruit everyday


~ make Kate and Will a baby card

Yours in play,

What are your goals for this week? I’d love to have you share and if you have blogged about them, leave your link in the comments!

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  1. Wow Amie, I love this idea and your goals are so well thought out! My goal for the week is to do something like this now instead of the 5 ‘to do’ lists I have floating around. I so wish i could do some blog posts in advance…wishing you lots of luck xx

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