11 Kid Made Sun Catcher Ideas

Sun catchers are one of our favourite projects here. Here are 15 of our favourite sun catchers for kids to creatively explore light and colour.

Make Sun Catchers With Gelatin

Gelatine SunCatchers9

How To Make Gelatin Sun Catchers

Make Sun Catchers With Tissue Paper

Tissue paper

Tissue paper “stained glass” bookmarks from The Craft Train.


Sun catcher Rainbow Hearts from Glittering Muffins.

Make Sun Catchers With Crayons

Season Tree Sun Catchers from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

Make a sun catcher with crayon shavings from Buggy and Buddy.


Dinosaur Melted Crayon Art from Crayon Box Chronicles.

Make Sun Catchers With Salt Dough

Salt dough

Salt dough sun catchers from Homegrown Friends.

Make Sun Catchers With Pony Beads


Melted Pony Bead and Tissue Paper Sun Catcher from Happily Ever Mom

Make Sun Catchers With Coffee Filters

Coffee Filter Tie-Dye Turkeys Tutorial from Busy Kids Happy Mom.

Make Sun Catchers With Contact Paper

Contact Paper

Heart Collage from Sugar Aunts.


Nature Collage from Craftulate.

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