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Hi ya! I am Amie and it’s great to have you here. Welcome to Playful Matters, an education blog dedicated to sharing Montessori-inspired activities, integrating Reggio Emilia practices and using child-led approaches to learning.

It is my hope that Playful Matters will provide you with the tools you need to create rich early childhood experiences.

About Amie M

I am a busy mama of four gorgeous kids, who for the purposes of this blog are nicknamed Aidan (18), Chook (7) and twins, Strawberry and Ooffa (5). I am an early years teacher and I run a home-based Montessori-inspired Preschool for ages two and a half to age five. I am passionate about early childhood education and I feel fortunate that I do something I love everyday.


I have a Bachelor of Education (K-7) and a Diploma in Early Childhood. I have completed one year of AMS Montessori studies and plan to continue my studies in the near future. I have completed several Reggio Emilia training courses and I am currently studying a one year Reggio Emilia course with Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching.

Making Connections Through Play

At Playful Matters you’ll find a variety of hands on, play based activities and ideas for preschoolers that help children look at the world with curiosity and encourage children to learn through play.

Plus a very popular bonus section all about Afterschooling and project-based learning with my own kids.

Some of our other popular sections of the blog:

Eleven Mile

Our Playful Philosophy

It is in the nature of the child to play and it is through the integration of the senses, social connection and access to quality experiences that children learn. Playful childhoods create happy, independent, creative and imaginative children!

I believe in learning through play.

I believe in connecting with the natural world.

I believe there is so much value in exploring and creating.

And most of all I believe in time, I believe in giving children time to explore their learning to enhance their understandings.

The Whole Child

Please feel free to browse the archives, make a comment, sign up for our FREE Afterschooling Planners and come back again. I hope you are inspired to create a playful childhood for the little ones in your life!

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to follow along on our playful journey.

Yours in play,

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  1. So beautiful and inspiring! I am getting ready to pull my child out of traditional public school because he is struggling and has been for the last few years. There is a Montessori in the works in our area, sadly my son will be too old once it gets established but I am thankful it will be an option for families in the near future. Thank you for sharing ans inspiring others to think outside the traditional box 🙂

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