Afternoon Rhythm with 3 Under 3

Getting a smooth start to my day comes down to what is accomplished in my Afternoon Rhythm and Evening Rhythm the day before. The times are a guide but two ‘anchors’ hold the rhythm in place 5pm Dinner and 7pm Bedtime.

Essential Organisation

3:30pm Bring the washing in. Put away. Organise tomorrow’s clothes.
{Triple T Mum} Afternoon Rhythm With 3 Under 3
Dinner Preparations

4:30pm Involve Chook or Bench Basket Activity

5:00pm Dinner time for Chook, Strawberry and Ooffa

5:30pm Bathtime for Ooffa and Strawberry.

6:00pm Family dinnertime. Chook seated at table, Strawberry and Ooffa in highchairs with a fruit dessert.

6:30pm Bottles for Strawberry and Ooffa. Chook has shower.

7:00pm Story candle. Good night.

Once the children are down it is time to start my Evening Routine.

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