Become An Organised Mum: Afternoon Task 1

My next tip is one that I have been doing for a long time. I first posted about this in My Afternoon Rhythm with 3 Under 3 and it still occurs somewhere between afternoon tea and dinner.
Afternoon Task 1
In the time that I have I select clothes for myself and place them where I can access them the following morning. Then I select clothes for the children and place them in this fantastic hanging organiser, next to the change table, in the laundry.

I include my 3.5yr old in this task by encouraging him to select his clothing and place in his designated spot in the hanging organiser.
Afternoon Task 1
As the twins get older I will include them more in the selection of their clothing. Their job is to place their night time nappy in their spot.

I love that I am including my littlies in a useful task that they will one day need to do independently.

Older children will be able to make their clothing selections on their own and there are lots of ideas on the web to help take the stress out of this task for families. We will certainly look into these when the time comes!

Busy Kids=Happy Mom uses a sweater organiser to organise a week’s worth of clothes.

The Educators Spin On It use a similiar weekly system.

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