Become An Organised Mum: The Clutter Scan

I have four main dumping/collection points in my home. The half wall near the front door, the side board in the entrance way, the top of the cupboard just outside the kitchen and of course, the breakfast bar. They are all situated in the main traffic areas of our home and are therefore easy dumping ground targets and magnets for clutter.An Organised Mum Clutter Scan When I began tweaking my routines this was the task I dreaded the most, because I had let clutter take over these areas. I knew that to clear these areas was going to take time and time is something that I don’t have a lot of. I decided to tackle one area at a time so as not to overwhelm myself. I grabbed three plastic bags (one for rubbish, one for giving away and one for rehousing) and spent five minutes on it. After the five minutes the kids were still happily playing nearby so I spent another five minutes on it. I choose the smallest area first and in those ten minutes it was clear of clutter and I had a bag of things to put away in other areas, which I did immediately. It is important to rehouse those things straight away otherwise they become clutter again somewhere else!

What is so amazing about this task is you can really get into doing it and I couldn’t wait to hit the next area, but alas the kids were tetchy. The next area could wait. Hey, it’s waited this long what’s another day! Over the next few days I cleared all four areas and found homes for all the items that had been dumped there.

The ongoing task now is to keep these areas clear! I do this by adding a Clutter Scan to my afternoon routine. It is as simple as, after putting out tomorrow’s clothes I walk through these main traffic areas and I scan for any deposited items that need to be housed elsewhere.

An Organised Mum Clutter ScanTry a Clutter Scan today! Look around your home and identify where your clutter is gathering. If, like me, you’re just getting started, grab three plastic bags, give yourself five minutes and get decluttering! I have added a Clutter Scan to my afternoon routine because it works for me at this time. You might find that a Clutter Scan works for you once the kids are in bed for the night, maybe at nap time or mid morning. I have tried all of these options with success but at this time the afternoon works for me.

Remember, do the best you can with where you are at this time.

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  2. I am de-cluttering. We have a waist high bookshelf as you go into our lounge that we used for shoes and other specific items. The top shelf was everyone’s favourite dumping ground. I re-housed the shoes and filled all the shelves with books, including the top one. This helped, it looks nice and people actual have to use their legs to put things somewhere else.

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