Become An Organised Mum: Evening Task 1

I am thinking of you all, dear Mama’s, and wondering how you are all getting on. We are all in such different circumstances, yet we share many similarities. Looking around my favourite blogs, on Pinterest and my Facebook feed I see many of us seek an organised, clean and tidy home, but not at the expense of spending time with our families.

Surrounded by some lovely Mamas at play group we discussed the concept of where we are at, individually as Mama’s, when it comes to our homes.

What stood out for me was that for some Mamas it can take a matter of days, for others weeks and some Mamas years. Everyone has their own pace and way of getting things done.

When the twins were born I thought it would be a matter of a few months and I would be on top of running the household. As regular readers of Triple T Mum will know this was not the case!

Our rhythm has been flowing along but there are a few loose ends that need tidying up. I would like the house to be clean on a regular basis (it’s a bit hit and miss at the moment). Also, there is some major decluttering to be done.

Many years ago when I was working full time I put in place some cleaning routines and tasks that made life as a working mum less stressful. I am really excited to be doing this again but this time tweaking the steps to suit a mama of four children, one a teen and 3 under 4 years of age!

We don’t have a dish washer so for years my teen has had washing the dishes as one of his evening chores. This year he has a large study load and several sporting commitments, so Triple T Dad has been picking up the slack. However, after a 12 hour shift it’s the last thing he feels like doing!
An Organised Mum Evening Task 1
Evening Task 1-Something to make you *smile*

Waking up to a clean kitchen makes me smile! Doing the dishes in the evening sets the tone for the following day. I find that if they haven’t been done, that extra work in the morning means I am running behind for the rest of the day. So, once the kids are put to bed and settled I head straight to the kitchen and get them done.

Doing the dishes is the last thing I want to do in the evening, after a day of running around after 3 rambunctious toddlers but it has such a positive effect on the next day that I make myself do it. It is the only task I ask of myself to do in the evening. Even better is if I can get them dry and put them away into the cupboards, but I’m not there yet!

You will be amazed how doing this one thing in the evening has such a positive impact on your life!

An organised mum: Evening Task 1
It took me over a week to establish this routine, but as I realised the positive impact just doing this one task was having I saw how important it was to keep doing it.

If you are struggling to do this, it’s okay! I wasn’t there yet, not that long ago either! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling on the evenings that you do manage it. Savour that feeling. You are doing the best you can with where you are, right now.

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