ANZAC Day Medal Craft

ANZAC Day is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most important national days encompassing nationhood, love and loss, and the gratitude and honor given to our servicemen and women, both past and present, and their families for the sacrifices they have made (and continue to make).

I believe in the importance of teaching my children about the history of our country and its people, so my husband and I make a point of attending the dawn service at the War Memorial in our town with our children. Our veterans and decedents of veterans stand in silence remembering friends and foes from the past. They stand in watch for our servicemen and women that are currently serving here and overseas. Medals pinned to their chests, hard won and proudly worn.

It is these medals that have recently fascinated my children. They ask, “What are they for? Why do they wear them on their jackets? What do they mean?”

ANZAC Day Medal Craft

My children are too little to understand the complexities of war but they do have great capacity for understanding emotion and understanding that there is great significance to these items when associated with memory. Without getting into detailed discussion of war and conflict and history I shared with them a wonderful story by Gary Crew called Memorial. Memorial is a story about a tree planted beside a war memorial monument, in a small country town by returned servicemen. Years on, the tree has grown to be huge and unruly, dislodging the statue next to it and creating a traffic hazard in what is now a much larger, busier town. A decision is made by a local council to cut the tree down. I love this book because of its themes of care, respect and rememberance. It is a book that can be used for many years to come, building on the meaning as my children grow older.

ANZAC Day Medal Craft

ANZAC Day Medal Craft

We linked ANZAC Day, Memorial and the following activity with character building. We chose Courage and discussed that many servicemen and women are awarded medals for displaying courage. Using Chelsea Lee Smith’s e-book Playing With Purpose we learned what courage means as a virtue. We displayed this as our Virtue of the Week. We decided that trying something new takes courage and that we would create these medals to award to each other for being courageous.

 ANZAC Day Medal Craft{you will need}

– recycled cereal box

– glass (to draw a circle with)

– gold paint

– glitter

– glue

– foam stars, gems, sequins, beads, etc.

– scrapbook paper or wide ribbon

– hair grip or small safety pin

{what you do}

  1. Trace around the lid of an upturned glass for as many circles as you need.
  2. Cut out the circles and paint the unprinted side gold. ANZAC Day Medal Craft
  3. Shake glitter over the wet paint; or allow to dry, cover the surface with glue and shake on glitter.ANZAC Day Medal Craft
  4. Allow to dry. Paint glue over the glittered surface and decorate with stars, gems, etc.ANZAC Day Medal Craft ANZAC Day Medal Craft
  5. Allow to dry before gluing a folded ribbon or folded paper strip on the back of the medal.
  6. Glue a crocodile hair grip to the ribbon using a hot glue gun or attach a safety pin.

ANZAC Day Medal Craft
ANZAC Day Medal Craft

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