Apple Print Process Art

Apple print process art is a wonderful way to introduce printing as an art form to young children. This art form can build up over time and experiences, leading to stamping. Below I have set up an invitation to print with A3 card, lids coated with a thin layer of paint and apples with a carved finger hold.
Apple print process art invitation
Some children explored this invitation to print by stamping with the apples. Some liked to slide the apple around the page. Some stamped the apple over and over without re-inking and were delighted as their colour got lighter and lighter. Some re-inked over and over enjoying the squishing, thickness of the paint on the paper. All different and perfectly wonderful ways to explore apple prints. That’s why I love this activity as process art!
Apple print process art
Apple print process art

Apple Print Process Art Invitation

This is such an easy activity to set up. Simply cut some apples in half (I love cutting them on the horizontal for the star shape of the core). Cut into the rounded top of the apple to create a handle.
Pour paint into separate trays so only a thin layer covers the base. Place your paper on the table ready for the children.
Apple print process art
Children will develop their grasping strength using the apples to print with and they can be as creative as they wish with their art work!
Apple print process art
Have lots of paper on hand and have fun!

Yours in play,

Apple print process art
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