Appreciating Nature: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

A week’s worth of activities for your children with Playful Matters Weekly Play Rhythm

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Monday is Story Day

We’re reading Mr McGee and the Blackberry Jam. Check out the links on our other days for great activities to do around the themes in this book!
Appreciating Nature 2

Mr McGee and the Blackberry Jam is a great book to discuss the emotion of feeling grumpy and you can have lots of fun with your littles around this topic! The book may even inspire some jam making or bread baking *smile*
Appreciating Nature 1

Tuesday is Play Day

Making Blackberries with Blackberry Play Dough {“Thanks” Learning 4 Kids!}

Blackberry Play Dough

Wednesday is Create Day

Blackberry Finger Painting {“Thanks” Learning 4 Kids!}

Blackberry Finger Painting

Thursday is Discovery Day

Exploring Blackberries Using Our Five Senses {“Thanks” Learning 4 Kids!}Exploring Blackberries

Friday is Learn Day

DIY Worm Tower {“Thanks!” Gift of Curiosity}

DIY Worm Tower

Saturday is Game Day

Road Trip Bingo {“Thanks!” Housing A Forest}

Road Trip Bingo

Sunday is Family Day

Yay! We are out of the house, away from technology and we’re together as a family at a gorgeous camp site right next to the beach. The next few days will be filled with natural exploration, play based adventures and early nights with tired but very happy children.

10950735_803632409756899_1948235545602941428_n copy


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