Autumn Nature Table 2015

The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill to the mornings that wasn’t there before. The crisp evening air carries the soft woody scent of wood fires newly lit in nearby homes.
Autumn Nature Table

Autumn Nature Table elements: Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts created this gorgeous fairy door and gnomes. Dried lavender from our garden.

I am ready to welcome the change from summer to autumn. I am ready for the change of pace, a gentler rhythm. I am ready to turn my focus inwards. I am looking forward to chilly evenings, slow cooked casseroles and warming soups. This is the season for creating a warm and cozy home, preparations for the colder weather ahead.
Autumn Nature Table

Our autumn harvest of vegetables from our kitchen garden is complete. The beds have been prepared for winter plantings of spinach, cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli.
Autumn Nature Table

Autumn Nature Table elements: Hand rolled beeswax candles, hand crafted wooden birthday ring bought off Etsy, hand crafted polymer owl from a dear friend and hand crafted Butterfly fairy with needle felted wings.

The slower pace has allowed me to create a space for our love of and appreciation of nature, our autumn nature table. This shelf is a place for our seasonal display and nature finds from our daily adventures, which we’ll add as the season progresses.
Autumn Nature Table

Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves.

Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves.

Must on the hillside, clouds grey and white.

Autumn good morning, summer good night.

~our verse for April~

Yours in play,


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