Blot Painting With Toddlers

Blot painting can be created with a variety of tools (fingers, brushes, sponges, etc). Present a pre-folded piece of paper to the child with only one side available. When children are finished fold the other way and squish the paint all around!

An invitation to create was set-up at Playgroup on the tables. The activity was made available to children aged from 18 months to 3.5 years old.

Blot Painting With Toddlers

Spoons to scoop, dollop and pour colourful paint onto paper.

Blot Painting With Toddlers

A central paint tray for everyone to share, but in retrospect one between two children would be better.

Blot Painting With Toddlers

Blot Painting With Toddlers

Open out the paper to reveal…

Blot Painting With Toddlers

Whilst the paintings dry (children will want to make lots and lots…you have been warned) go outside, lie on the ground and watch clouds. Discuss the shapes that are formed by the clouds. Encourage children’s imaginations by discussing the forms. What can they see?

Once the paintings are dry, discuss what the children can see in their painted blots. Provide some collage materials so children can bring their blot creatures to life!

What will you create today?

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