Rich Learning Through Cardboard Box Play

This is a pretty typical sight around here! Mixing up a bit of Montessori learning with a bit of Waldorf imaginative play.

Cardboard Box Play 1There are so many opportunities during this play to use Practical Life Skills of grace and courtesy.

Cardboard Box Play 2There’s also transferring objects from one box to another.

Cardboard Box Play 3They’re developing ideas of object permanence, that is, the toy that was placed in the first box will still be in the first box when we come back for it.

Cardboard Box Play 5Lots of spatial awareness development and experimenting with box sizes and toy sizes to get the best fit. Which also needs problem solving!

Cardboard Box Play 6There’s dramatic play involved (with a little Mama help). Connecting the boxes with string. Telling a story about the Toy Express and how Scobby Doo needs to get to the Pirate ship before the Captain casts off!

Cardboard Box Play 4Simple cardboard box play suddenly becomes a very rich early learning experience! Bet you won’t look at a cardboard box quite the same anymore! Imagine the possibilities!

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  1. Hi Amie! We’re a big fan cardbox boxes at our home too! And it’s amazing what ideas kids can come up with on their own… tunnels, racecar track, a truck, spaceship. Thanks for sharing this to remind me again how much fun boxes are. I think I might bring out the cardboard boxes for my toddler’s afternoon play session after his nap!
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