Cardboard Playhouse Messy Play

For two days we had been working on our cardboard playhouse. Lots of painting inside and out. Having so much fun!

On that fateful afternoon we had packed away all the paints, brushes and rollers. Washed up and I was inside getting dinner prepared.

I THOUGHT the kids were playing in the garden.

I THOUGHT they were playing nicely.

I should have known better.

The first sign that something was amiss was when I was greeted by Strawberry with a little bit of red paint on her fingers and shirt.

I THOUGHT we hadn’t cleaned her up properly. As I was about to take her through to the bathroom I spotted this on the patio floor…
My stomach turned. I felt the blood rush from my head and a massive sense of dread descend upon me. I turned to look towards the paint cupboard and I was met with this…
Now, I don’t mind a bit of good ol’ messy play but this would have to be taking it one step too far! Oh man I was cross! But damn those twins are way too adorable and Chook with his big “Sorry Mum” blue eyes, made it too hard to be cross at them.


I took a deep breath, muttered something about “When in Rome” under my breath and announced to the kids that we are going to clean this up, together. But first we are going to use the paint that we couldn’t get back into the containers to finish decorating the cardboard playhouse (and the paint cupboard and the patio floor, oh and ourselves!).

Why or how on earth? you must be asking yourselves. All I can say is that in that moment of anger and dismay I choose to make memories. I choose to put my anger aside and teach them understanding and love. There was no malice in what they had done. It was a bad choice made by the three of them but they are not bad children. And one day in the future when they are no longer pulling the paints out of the cupboard and strewing them everywhere they may reminisce “Remember the day that we raided the paint cupboard and it went EVERYWHERE!” and it will be a memory laced with love and joy at what they got up to together. Haha, call it sibling bonding, if you will 🙂


Now, it is safe to say that it’s going to be a while before I will be getting the paints out again!

What unexpected memories have you made?

Yours in play,

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