Christmas Tree Finger Painting

Here’s a really simple activity that has stunning results!

Christmas Tree Finger PaintingIt was one of our first advent calendar activities. It is really fun and can be as directed or as open ended as you like. I chose a more directed approach today but it is a very easy, fun and cute craft no matter what approach you take!

You will need…

Christmas tree shapes and the template


Christmas Tree Finger PaintingUsing some purchased Christmas tree shapes, the packaging as a template and our paints we got Christmas crafting!

I started with the one colour, green, as I know with Strawberry we would have ended up with a multiple coloured Christmas tree. Normally I wouldn’t mind but I really wanted the coloured baubles to stand out against the green of the tree. The template would serve as a guide for the area in which to finger paint, you’ll notice Strawberry took a different approach and went for the full hand print!

Christmas Tree Finger PaintingI find young children’s art process so fascinating! She happily finger painted around the template but decided to go with the hand prints inside the template. I love it!

Christmas Tree Finger Painting Christmas Tree Finger PaintingOnce we had completed the tree to our satisfaction, we set them aside to dry.

Christmas Tree Finger PaintingOnce they were dry we used our finger dipping tubs (avoiding more hand prints, see, clever Mama!) to print baubles all over our trees. You could also use dot markers, stamps, stickers, glitter pens, sequins, jewels, stars, etc.

Christmas Tree Finger PaintingIf your child’s art work has a lot of white space around the edges, simply trace around the outline of the template with a crayon to achieve the look of a tree when the template is removed.

Christmas Tree Finger PaintingChristmas Tree Finger PaintingFinishing with a gold painted wooden star and this gorgeous poem printed and cut using window label sizzix dies, I created this sweet little keepsake.

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