Coconut Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is an amazing sensory experience for kids. I first heard of it over in the Kid Blogger Network last year but I only got around to doing it with my kids THIS YEAR!

It is incredibly easy to make with only two ingredients: flour and oil.
 Coconut Cloud DoughI wanted to create Coconut Cloud Dough as a sensory activity for Chook to explore the letter c. In this activity not only will he be using objects that start with the letter c but he will be smelling the wonderful scent of coconut and touching cloud dough…all wonderful letter c words!

To make the Coconut Cloud Dough I put 8 cups of flour into a large shallow container.

Because the coconut oil was solidified I scooped out 1 cup of Coconut Oil into a microwave safe jug and heat it for several seconds. I didn’t want it hot, just liquified.
Coconut Cloud DoughPour the oil over the flour and combine with your hands until the oil is mixed in. It is ready when it holds its shape when squeezed.

Cloud dough is a very messy activity with my three! It gets on clothes, under finger nails but gosh it makes your hands so lovely and soft! We set our cloud dough up outside (easy clean up) and when we are finished I pop the lid on the container and store it away in our Sensorial cupboard. It keeps for ages but ours never survives the week!

Coconut Cloud DoughChook’s letter c Coconut Cloud Dough sensory tub: cone, cups, cars, carrot, corn, cupcake, croissant, c letter tiles and magnetic letters.
Coconut Cloud DoughCoconut Cloud DoughI captured Strawberry pouring cloud dough from one cup to another – Practical Life skills being applied in a different context!
Coconut Cloud Dough Coconut Cloud Dough Coconut Cloud DoughStrawberry and Chook were focused for a very long time on packing these little cups to create a mold of the cup.

I just love all these connections that Chook is making to the letter c and that Strawberry and Ooffa are benefiting from this exposure too 🙂

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