Cork Print Collage

Young children love to learn about themselves and their bodies, so this week we drew around our bodies on a large sheet of paper and created a learning activity around big art. Through this activity we also explored the letter c with cork prints and collage.

Cork print collageIn our recent creative activities I have observed that Strawberry is really interested in sticking things with glue. As soon as the glue stick comes out she’s there gluing anything and everything she can get her hands on! The exploring continues as she also removes objects she has just stuck down to stick it somewhere else. It can become a very messy activity in no time at all!cork print collageFor this activity I thought a nice big area where she could glue until her hearts content would encourage her exploration further.

cork print collageI lay out a big sheet of paper and had Strawberry lie down on it. Using a marker I quickly drew around her to create an outline of her shape.

cork print collageFor this activity I lay the outline out on a table and presented Strawberry with fabric scraps, glue and a brush. She immediately got to work, painting glue and sticking down the fabric. Sometimes she would glue inside the shape and other times she would glue outside the shape. This is a perfectly normal part of the development of a toddler’s spatial development.

cork print collageOnce the glue was dry it was time to have some fun with cork stoppers from bottles dipped in paint to print a whole bunch of colourful dots all over her wonderful “person” (a new word learned through this activity, clever girl 🙂 )
cork print collageHave you tried cork printing?

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