Daily Rhythm with 3-Under-3 Years of Age

So, what happens between the morning rhythm and the afternoon rhythm. Well that’s when we get to play!

Daily rhythm

After our morning rhythm I will load Strawberry and Ooffa into the pram and Chook and I will walk to a local park. There we will have morning tea.

After our walk Strawberry and Ooffa will have their morning nap. Chook and I will have Circle Time followed by a Story.

Daily Rhythm

After a short morning nap, the twins will wake up. Before bringing them out of their cots I will get Chook involved in some Creative Play that he is able to go on with if I am unavailable. I set this up at the kitchen bench as it wont be long before I need to be preparing lunch.

After lunch Chook has an afternoon nap. This is when I am able to have some one-on-one time with Strawberry and Ooffa. However, I am going to start trialing Chook on a shorter nap to see if this helps him to sleep beyond 4:30am!

After Chook’s nap we will be able to have some more one-on-one time because the twins are now having their afternoon nap. This is a great opportunity to paint, craft or engage in some ‘planned’ play with my active two and a half year old. We will do this until the twins finish their nap and the afternoon rhythm begins.

I have deliberately left out times for these activities. I want our day together to flow. There are anchor points in our day, guided by time, but I see these activities in our day guided more by our movement from one space to another (walk to home; circle time mat to bedroom; bedroom to patio; patio to kitchen). Breathe in. Breathe out.

Daily Rhythm

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