Daily Rhythm Printable Pictures

I am using this chart with Chook (two and a half years old) with great success. Being a busy mum of one year old twins (yay!) having a guide for the structure of our day is helping with not getting ‘busy’ with the everyday stuff and forgetting the fun!
Daily Rhythm Printable Pictures
This is very simply made by laminating an A3 sheet of card and then sticking some velcro dots to the front.
I then printed out this free printable from Tip Junkie Daily Schedule for Toddlers, cut each picture, laminated them and stuck velcro to the back.

I only printed out what I needed but the pictures are diverse enough to cater for a range of ages.

When cards are not in use I place them in a zip lock bag and use a paper clip to store them behind the chart.

You can see the chart in action here on our YouTube Channel – Morning Routine with 3 Kids Under 3yrs old.

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