Daily Rhythm: What Our Home School Days Look Like

I am a part-time work from home mum, we part-time home school, I run a successful craft business and I am a homemaker. I am not a Super Mum and I am not the only Mama out there spinning all these plates. I can, however, tell you that without rhythm to our day, week, seasons or the year I would struggle.

I day dream of the ideal life I wish I had, but I’ve come to the conclusion that unless I lived in an Amish community it will never happen! What I am going to show you is real life, my life, as imperfect as it is, but it is what we do and it brings peace and calm to our family and ultimately THAT is what you want for a rhythm.

Daily rhythm: What our home school days look like

  1. You work the rhythm, the rhythm does not work you. In other words, the picture that you have in your mind of the ideal rhythm, might not actually work for your family.
  2. Let it go. Each day for a week, take notes on what you actually do, every day.
  3. Observe the pattern and work with the pattern.
  4. Write out your daily rhythm everyday. Add to your rhythm as you can. Subtract from your rhythm when you need to.
  5. Your ideal rhythm is when there is a peace, a calmness, a security attached to it.
  6. Accept that rhythms change, what works this week may not work next week.
  7. Anchors are the key to ensuring change does not pull your rhythm right out from under you. Anchors are morning rhythms, meal times and bedtime rhythms.

If you Google ‘Waldorf Daily Rhythms’ or Pinterest search it, you will find hundreds of daily rhythms. Many of them I found had a day to day predictability. Circle time is always in the morning. Outdoor play is always in the afternoon. This is the Waldorf ideal and is perfectly suited to the Waldorf school but it is not my reality.

What I present for you is a picture of Waldorf Daily Rhythm in our home, as imperfect as it is, it works for us. I hope it inspires my lovely readers to create a rhythm that is perfectly suited to you and your lives. Here is my daily rhythm for when I had 3 children under 3 years of age. Here is our home school daily rhythm when Chook was 3. Here is our home school daily rhythm when Chook was 4.

For us this rhythm is a guide, a way that we would like the day to flow, a definite plan but the clock plays very little part in it. The predictability in our rhythm is in our anchors and the knowledge that after morning chores we do this and after snack time we do that, and so on. The children have large blocks of time to fully immerse into their activities and then at mealtimes we gather back together. Of course, not all days flow along like this, so I try not to be too rigid with it, there are days that bring differences and possibilities (especially with hubby working shifts) so things can change. I am fortunate that my work is flexible but I do try to get a two hour block in for productivity!

Daily rhythm: What our home school days look like

For today’s post I have kept our rhythm fairly simple, it’s more of a “when things happen” not a “what is happening”, I plan to post about that in a few weeks.

To read more on our daily anchors:

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    • Thanks ­čÖé We are settling into these rhythms quite nicely but I sense a change coming with the new season. I love your charts you have made for your home!

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