Dinosaur Castanet Craft For Kids

My teen, Gamer, recently put on a live music show for us all in the back yard, which inspired the littlest ones to make music. Not one to miss a crafting opportunity I put together a Castanet Craft Kit for the kids to create our own musical instrument.

Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids
This is a quick and easy craft that uses easily sourced materials. Kids will develop their fine motor skills during the making of the castanet as well as when playing their instrument. I made these up as craft kits, something I would like to explore further.

Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids

Each Castanet Craft Kit contains:

{you will need…}

 -thick cardboard (I recycled the flaps off a nappy box)

-two bottle top

-craft paper cut into triangles

-goggly eyes


-hot glue


-double-sided tape.

{what you do…}

  1. Cut the cardboard into strips. I just considered the size of my child’s hand and cut to suit.
  2. Fold the pieces in half and round off the open edges with scissors.
  3. Hot glue the bottle tops to the cardboard, trying to get them even on both sides.
  4. Kids can decorate them with markers, glitter, paint, let their imaginations go wild!
    Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids
    Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids
  5. We chose to paint ours and turn them into Dinosaurs!
  6. When the paint was dry I applied double sided tape where the eyes were to be placed and the triangles for the spines.
    Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids
  7. Now for some fine motor skills! Kids attach the googly eyes and folded triangles to create dinosaur spines.

Let the band begin!

Dinosaur Castanet Craft for Kids

Chook – 3.10 years old
Strawberry – 2.5 years old
Ooffa – 2.5 years old

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