Inspiration Stones: DIY With Rubons

 DIY Inspirational StonesLast week Shawn from Awesomely Awake set the Peace Circle Mamas an assignment, to brainstorm a whole bunch of simple words that bring positive energy and peace to their minds and to then find a rock and write one word on it.

The idea sat with me for a while but my creative mind was mulling over the crafting possibilities!

In the craft room I pulled out my Stampin’ Up Fabulous Phrases stamp set, elegant eggplant stamp pad (favourite colour!) and the gorgeous KaiserCraft Enchanted Garden 6″x6″ paper pad. While there I stumbled across some KaiserCraft Rubons with four perfect inspiring words…I wonder if I can use rubons on rocks…let’s find out!

DIY Inspirational StonesI bought the stones from Bunnings. I chose these coloured marble ones because I thought that if the craft doesn’t work out, well the kids would love these for using on the light table and in their play.

Holding the rubon onto the flattest part of the stone and using the end of a paint brush I carefully rubbed to apply the transfer.

I could see the transfer adhering to the stone as I rubbed and when I was happy I had rubbed it all over I carefully removed the transfer paper and…

DIY Inspirational Stones…rubons can totally be used on stones!

DIY Inspirational StonesTo protect the words from scratching I painted a coat of modgepodge over the top and left them to dry.

While they dried I started on my original idea of stamping my chosen phrase onto paper and then adhering the stamped paper to the base of a glass stone so that when you look at the stone the word can be seen from the top.

DIY Inspirational StonesDIY Inspirational StonesMy chosen words of inspiration to bring peace when it feels like chaos is reining.
DIY Inspirational StonesI carefully applied modgepodge to the top of the stamped paper and the base of the stone.

I then pressed the paper onto the bottom of the stone, spreading the modgepodge out and getting rid of any air pockets.

DIY Inspirational StonesI then left them for several hours to dry.

Once dry I carefully cut around the paper, close to the stone and placed them on our nature shelf, where I can see them often and easily hold one when I need take a breath.

DIY Inspirational Stones

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