Easter Practical Life Activities

Whole hand transfers and one-to-one correspondence.

Egg carton and a dozen eggs.

Eggs 1 to 1This turned out to be a wonderful activity to provide the kids, with each child approaching the task in a way they were comfortable with.
Eggs 1 to 1 Strawberry double
Strawberry transferred each egg into the egg carton and then matched the colours.

Eggs 1 to 1 Ooffa 4
Ooffa was content to transfer each egg to the egg carton.

Chook worked on his 1:1 correspondence, although he has no idea we’re working on early math concepts!

We also named the colours as each egg was transferred to the egg carton.

One-to-one correspondence is explained in our Hidden Math Learning with Buttons post.

Easter Sensory Tub

{what you need…}

-Plastic eggs

-easter stickers

-easter grass

-egg cartons


-foil wrap
Easter sensory tub 2
Exploring the materials.
Easter sensory tub 3
Easter sensory tub 1
Practicing one-to-one correspondence.
Easter sensory tub 4
Naming the colours and placing them into the egg cartons.
Easter sensory tub 5
Ooffa’s exploration style at the moment! Tipping and refilling…only to tip it all out again! I decided to give him his own tub to explore, so he wasn’t interrupting the flow of Chook and Strawberries explorations.
Easter sensory tub 6Placing chicks inside eggs.
Easter sensory tub 7Opening and closing the eggs.

I love sensory tubs as an opportunity for children to explore materials. It is so important that children be given time to just explore and play with materials before a focused activity is expected. I believe this creates wonderful brain connections and successful learning!

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