Easter Sensory Tub

Our Easter sensory tub has been a huge hit with our preschoolers and my bigs! This sensory tub is successful because it encourages kids to explore with their sense of touch, sense of hearing, sense of sight and sense of smell!

Easter sensory tub

{what you need…}

Easter grass or make your own shredded paper
Plastic eggs
Essential oil infused wooden eggs (we used doTERRA Cheer blend for a lovely Easter scent)
Foil wrappers
Easter mini chicks
Foam shapes: flowers, eggs, etc
Egg carton

{let’s begin…}

  • Find a tub, bucket or container of a suitable size that will allow your child to access and move the items around.
  • Fill the container with the main sensory medium (shredded paper, Easter grass, rice, split peas, sand, water…).
  • Add wooden and plastic eggs, foil wrappers, foam Easter shapes and mini Easter chicks.

Easter sensory tub


{what you do…}

Most children will not be able to wait to get started at the Easter sensory tub! They will be invited by the colour, the sparkle and the freedom to explore.

Tip: Hide several items inside the plastic eggs and have the children guess what could be hiding inside it.

Easter sensory tub

For now I just let them explore and discover. I listen as they use the objects to tell stories. I observe as they explore the items, use their hands to open and close the plastic eggs, use their fingers to carefully place eggs and chicks inside the egg carton or an egg.

Click here for our Easter unit study sorted into Learning Areas for your convenience.

Here’s the link to our popular Easter Weekly Play Rhythm!


Easter sensory tub

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