Eggshell Craft: Butterfly Mosiac

Create a beautiful mosaic butterfly using a craft wood shape and coloured eggshells. This is a wonderful gift that my preschooler and I created together as a Mummy and Me craft.
Coloured eggshell butterfly titleUsing a lead pencil, draw an outline of the wing patterns onto the wing.

With a paint brush, apply glue to the area you are planning to do. Crush and sprinkle eggshell over the glue area. Tap excess eggshell off and gently push any eggshell protruding over the line back inside its area.

Repeat with the next coloured area. Continue until the butterfly is complete.

Allow to several hours to dry, then apply another layer of glue over the top to harden the outside and add a glossy shine.

Coloured eggshell butterflyOur Eggshell Craft post will show you how to create gorgeous coloured eggshells and more craft ideas can also be found on our Coloured Eggshell Memo Holder post and Coloured Eggshell Luminaries post.

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