Eggshell Craft With A Multi-age Group

I love fostering an environment that promotes and provides for creativity, and one way to achieve that is by encouraging my children to craft on their own.  But, I also really enjoy having a set craft that can be created by the whole family.

Here’s a craft activity that focuses more on the process than the product.

We began by saving eggshells for a few days, washing them, and letting them dry. Once they were dry we crunched them up using a masher. Lots of fun!
Eggshell craft 12Eggshell craft 13Eggshell craft 14

I then made up 4 containers of water dye (using edicol powder and water, you could also use food colouring)…

Eggshell craft 10…and divided the shells up between them…making sure they were fully submerged. I am using brown eggs, so the insides will take most of the colour.

I left them overnight but they do take the colour after only half an hour. I strained them and turned them onto a tray of newspaper to dry out in the sun.

Eggshell craft 11Once the shells were dry, we crunched them up and placed each color in its own separate storage container.

At craft time I gave each child a small dish of glue and a brush.  I placed some coloured eggshells into some trays and we all got creative with our materials.

Eggshell craftEggshell craft 1Eggshell craft 3Eggshell craft 4We also created some cute paper roll bracelets.
Eggshell craft 8Eggshell craft 7I like that we had all the materials on hand and that all ages enjoyed doing this.

We had lots of dyed eggshell so we spread the activity out over a few days and made lots of great Easter gifts.
Clean up was easy as well, just a  matter of vacuuming up the eggshell pieces from the floor, and shaking off the sheet on the table and then washing it.  Extra eggshell pieces were composted. Oh, and edicol dye washes off really easily with soap and water, so don’t worry about the staining on your hands during the dying process.

Eggshell craft 9

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