Evening Rhythm With 3-Under-3 Years of Age

Evening Routine

Ahhhh…so the kids are in bed, time to relax. NOT! If I sit down I will stay down, so I get straight into my evening rhythm. The things I do here help set up for an easy start to the next day. So no matter how tired I am I get those things done because they impact on the following day.

Essential Organisation

Wipe down the high chairs.

Organise tomorrow’s snacks, lunch and dinner.

15 minute clean up

Kitchen – Dishes away, wipe down sink, hang new dishtowels and change face cloths.

Lounge – clear the floor of toys (often this has been achieved during Pack away time).

Dining/Entrance way – tidy away clutter.

Sweep the dining room and kitchen.

Think About Tomorrow

Calendar check.

Start tomorrow’s To Do List.

Make sure what I need to take with me is at the door on the hooks.

Load the washing machine.

All up it probably takes half an hour but it is worth every minute of time for what it saves me in stress and time the next morning. Once it is complete the rest of the evening is mine, until 9:30pm that is! Occasionally I push my bedtime to 10:30pm but I try not to 🙂

Rhythms are not set in stone. They flow and change according to the ages and stages of my children and according to our family circumstances. I have found it best to have certain anchors in our rhythm. These are non-negotiables, they are set in the daily rhythm and then I adjust the activities around them. This helps in maintaining the rhythm and stops me from becoming overwhelmed by the immensity of what needs to be accomplished.

My anchors are:

6:00am I have to be up by this time.

7:30am Breakfast must be finished by this time.

10:00am Morning Tea (flexible to within half an hour either side of it)

11:30am Lunch (flexible to within half an hour either side of it)

12:30pm Nap or quiet time

3:00pm Afternoon Tea (Family rule: Kitchen closes at 4:00pm)

6:00pm Dinner time (can’t wait for the littlies to eat at this time too!)

7:00pm Littlies Bedtime (flexible to within half an hour either side of it)

9:30pm My bedtime

Anchors help to maintain my rhythm and stop me from becoming overwhelmed by the immensity of what needs to be accomplished.

Find out what your anchors are and start to plan out your family rhythm. Your anchors will give your children that sense of knowing what is coming next and will allow you to play with what happens in between. Children are happier and calmer when they know certain things are going to happen and when they are going to happen.

What is your evening rhythm? What things do you do that help make the mornings easier?

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Bedtime routine

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Chook is 2.5. Strawberry and Offa are 1.

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