Exploring Farm Animals With Toddlers

Focus: Colours & developing oral language through exposure to Sensory Activities.

Hands on experiences is a wonderful way for children to deeply learn concepts and skills.

This week Chook has been very interested in the animals in our bedtime story Time For Bed.

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As an invitation to play I set up the sandpit with fenced paddocks (using popsticks) and a variety of farm animals from our animal collection.
Exploring farm animals with toddlers

As a real world hands-on activity we went for a drive out to the Bird and Animal Park, located 20 minutes away and is a great drive through farmland where we can spot a variety of farm animals as we drive past.

The Bird and Animal Park is a lovely place to walk around with your children. We were given a small paper bag of animal feed and then we just followed the path around the park.

The first animals along the path were some beautiful colourful parrots. This was an excellent opportunity to talk about colours and feed the parrots some cut up apple.
Exploring farm animals with toddlers

As we continued along the path we soon came to the goat pen. They are quite vocal about getting some of that feed! We had lots of fun mimicking the sound a goat makes.
Exploring farm animals with toddlers
In the next pen was a really cute ‘Hairy Coo’, or Highland Cow. Chook got to feel what a cow’s tongue is like, as he got quite a few licks!

Further along the path we met the ponies, where we could offer a carrot. Wow, those pony’s have big teeth!
Exploring farm animals with toddlers
Near the end of the walk around the park is the rabbit and guinea pig pen. The children love this area as they have full access to the animals and if you are quick enough (or quiet enough) to catch them you can have a cuddle. Chook discovered that rabbits feel very soft and have sharp claws.
Exploring farm animals with toddlers
There are lots of great sensory activities to engage in at the farm.

Chook 30 months, Strawberry & Ooffa 13 months

Tell us about your great outings below!

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