Exploring Magnets Using A Sensory Table

Exploring Magnets: Project provocation

Exploring magnets at the sensory table is AWESOME! This provocation encourages independent discovery and exploration in the funnest way you could ever imagine! Magnets fascinate kids and I just knew my Preschoolers would love to play with them at this invitation to play. Here is a video of my preschoolers using this wonderful sensory tub.

Exploring magnets using a sensory table

{what you need…}

Main sensory medium: We used split green peas
Non-magnetic items: We have used plastic gold pieces, plastic clover shapes
Magnetic items: Magnetic counting chips, keys and Magnetic wands

{let’s begin…}

  • Find a tub, bucket or container of a suitable size that will allow your child to access and move the items around.
  • Fill the container with the main sensory medium (rice, split peas, sand, water…).
  • Add a selection of magnetic and non-magnetic items.
  • Provide containers for your child to put their ‘treasures’ into.

Exploring magnets using a sensory table

{what you do…}

Most children will not be able to wait to get started at the sensory tub! Provide your child with a magnet finding device, we used magnet wands but a hand-held strong fridge magnet can do just as well.

For now I just let them explore and discover. I listen as they marvel at the objects that seem to leap onto the magnetic wand. I observe as they try to get objects to ‘stick’ to the wand, sometimes I help them to wonder why

Exploring magnets using a sensory table

As they begin to formulate questions and propose new investigations I note their wonderings and I plan how I can extend this provocation.

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