Farm Sticker Art Activity with Multi-age Group of Kids

Creating sticker art is one of Chook’s favourite quiet time activities. It is also a favourite of mine during the ‘witching hour’ of trying to get dinner ready!

Sticker Art

I wanted to introduce Strawberry and Ooffa to this easy activity, so when I found these lovely farm animal stickers what better time than now!

Our Creative Play invitation included several sheets of coloured paper, feathers and farm animal stickers.

Sticker Art

Chook included feathers in his art work.

Sticker Art

Strawberry was engrossed in sticking animal after animal to her page.

Sticker Art

While Ooffa (my little sensory man) was totally absorbed with the stickiness of the stickers.

Sticker Art

Sticker Art Multi-age Group Tips:

  • Each child has their own workspace.
  • Prepare the workspace with a protective covering.
  • Each child has their own set of art supplies: The concept of sharing has not been learnt yet and reaching shared supplies can be difficult.
  • Pre-prepare the art materials.
  • Seat the children first, have them select their desired sheet of paper THEN place the stickers on the table.
  • Allow some exploration time.
  • Facilitate the activity and assist with sticker back removal. Teach this too!

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Yours in play,

What quiet time activity is a favourite around your place at the moment? Let us know in the comments.


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