Finding the Right Path For Your Child

Suddenly it all made so much sense.

The last piece of the jigsaw slotted into place to complete the picture.

Never doubt yourself as a mother! We know our children!

Finding the right path

When autism was first queried as a possible diagnosis for our youngest son, it ticked several boxes but the hat didn’t quite fit.

As we watched him and noted his behaviours, play, social interaction and emotional responses there were key areas of autism that we could say he didn’t display.

Finding the Right Path

There’s some pretty quirky stuff, let me tell you! But it’s looking less and less like autism. Recently the speech therapist that is working with Ooffa asked if we had seen an Occupational Therapist about Ooffa. Honestly, I’d never considered it.

Why would I consider OT for a boy that can climb onto roofs in a single bound? Can run and run and run? Can peddle a bike at two and a half years old?

Ooffa’s issues are related to speech, possible hearing difficulties and behaviour. How could OT help? I have such a narrow minded view of OT!

Our speech therapist said (and I’ll never forget his words) “Children like Ooffa, with sensory processing disorders, can really benefit from working with an OT”. And in that moment the last piece of the puzzle slotted in.

Finding the Right Path

The “AHA” moment!

Have you ever had this moment?

It’s incredible! For a brief moment everything becomes crystal clear, suddenly you’re speechless and you look at your child and think “it all makes sense!”

Then the questions come like a flood!

You are hungry for information and ideas for moving forward from this unknown place.

You are on the right path, at last!

Finding the Right Path

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