Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher

Looking for fun outdoor games! Milk carton catch is a fun and easy game to create and play with children of a variety of ages. It can be played inside as well as outside.

Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher
Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher

I used a soft 2 litre milk carton, which I cut a long scoop from using scissors. Different sized milk cartons create different shaped scoops, so experiment and see what works for you.

Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher

I gathered a variety of items that could be caught: bean bags, small cut offs from a pool noodle, small plastic balls.

Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher

Strawberry and Ooffa (2 years of age) enjoyed placing their items into the catcher and tipping them out. They attempted to throw items to someone to catch but their trajectory is way out of line!

Chook (3 years of age) was able to stand, wait and catch the thrown items. He doesn’t have the awareness of moving to catch an object yet. He was also able to throw objects to someone else to catch.

Older children will have increased physical skills and better awareness of game play. Some older children may even suggest further fun outdoor games to play with these items. Have fun with it and see what you can create together!

We discovered through trial and error that placing a hand under the catcher helps to catch the bean bags, due to their weight.

Fun Outdoor Games: Milk Carton Catcher

We had a lot of fun playing catch. There was a lot of laughter, co-operation, throwing skill development and even a bit of science! I hope you’ll be inspired to create a milk carton catcher today and have some fun!

What fun outdoor games are happening around your place lately? Let us know in the comments.

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