Valentine’s Day Gelatin Heart Sun Catcher

Here’s a great idea for creating something really unique for someone you are very fond of using our Gelatin Sun Catcher tutorial, a gelatin heart sun catcher mobile. These will make great gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or birthdays!
Gelatin Heart Sun Catcher

We thought these gelatin heart sun catchers would look lovely hanging in the living room window with the glitter catching the light as they twirl. We changed the original recipe by replacing the food colouring with glitter. We used a teaspoon of glitter per heart, stirred it and then let it dry.

Gelatin Heart Sun Catcher

We were surprised that the glitter formed a perfect heart shape in the mould!

Gelatin Heart Sun Catcher

When the gelatin heart is dry, punch a hole at the top of the heart, tie a long piece of raffia or ribbon to the heart, then add a little bow close to the hole and then hang them around your home.

Gelatin Heart Sun Catcher

I kept a couple of hearts aside to make these gorgeous Glittery Gelatin Butterfly Sun Catchers! Click on the link to see what we did!

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