Glittery Water Bead Wands

Water bead wands 2Strawberry received a glitter wand for her birthday, which she adored. So did Ooffa. And Chook. They loved to flip it and watch the glitter twirl and dance. They loved to play with it in their imaginary games, casting magic spells and turning Mummy into a frog. But there was only one wand.
Water bead wands 4What to do? What to do?Water bead wands 3I decided to up-cycle the empty bubble wands from Strawberry and Ooffa’s birthday party into fun glittery water bead wands! Although Chook likes to call his a light-sabre.

Water bead wands 1Into the tube went a sprinkle of water beads. Not too many, mind! They swell up and too many will clog up the tube.

Next I added some glittery pom poms and filled the tube with water. To stop my determined trio getting into their wands I sealed the top with some permanent glue.
Water bead wands 6Kids can watch their beads grow inside their wand and be fascinated by the glittery sparkle of the pom poms.

Water bead wands title

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    • Thanks Katie! The kids are having a great time with them and their friends can’t wait to make their own. I’ve been sharing out our water beads to everyone!

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