The Easter Fairy’s Magical Growing Lollipops

The Easter Fairy’s Magical Growing Lollipops is a joyful, wonder filled tradition that children absolutely adore!

Growing Lollipops


Several years ago my children were visited on the eve of Easter Sunday by the Easter Fairy. Every year since my children excitedly await her arrival. As soon as Easter is mentioned they will ask if the Easter Fairy will visit again. Once we start making preparations in our home to welcome this season of beginnings, growth and new life, the children will wonder when the Easter Fairy will arrive.

The wonder of the Easter Fairy lies in the pretty little bag she carries with her. For inside this bag are three magical jelly beans, one for each child. The children take their magical jelly bean and find a special place in the garden to plant it.

Then we wait.

The children excitedly go to bed that night, knowing that in the morning their magical jelly bean will have sprouted…

Growing Lollipops

…into a lollipop!

{Hints and Tips for Magical Growing Lollipops}

Remember where your children have planted their jellybean! Or try this idea from Finlee and Me.

Magical jelly beans grow a variety of lollipops {wink} so plant what you can handle.

The Easter Fairy could easily be an Easter Bunny or Bilby (if you’re in Australia)

Magical jelly beans could be delivered to your door by the Easter Bunny or in a cute bag

Magical jelly beans could grow non-sugar items too! Such as:

Growing Lollipops ETSY
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  2. Jelly Bean Earrings
  3. Easter Bracelet
  4. Easter Bow Tie
  5. Stretchy Jelly Bean Bead Bracelet
  6. Girl Easter Hair Clips
  7. Jelly Bean Bracelet
  8. Easter Jelly Bean Tie

Be prepared that this will turn into an ongoing tradition! Children love and remember Magical Growing Lollipops! It could even turn into a tradition that they continue in years to come!

Growing Lollipops

Have you done something similar with your children?

Do you have any Easter traditions that you would like to share? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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