Growing Pinterest With Viraltag In Just One Hour A Week!

I don’t usually talk about the technicalities of blogging here on Playful Matters but I’m pretty excited about how we’re growing Pinterest with Viraltag. When I first contemplated Viraltag as a tool to help me save time, I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard good things, too many glitches people were saying. If you haven’t heard of Viraltag it’s a social media scheduler and I NEED to use one because seriously we can’t do it all and I was driving myself into the ground trying to be in (virtual) places at the right time, missing prime posting times and getting confused with my pen and paper system. With a social media scheduler I can set aside around an hour to bulk schedule a whole heap of stuff and for the rest of the week I don’t have to think about getting content onto my social media platforms.

Growing Pinterest With Viraltag

I can’t tell you how viraltag is different than other schedulers, as I’ve never used any others. What I can tell you is my experience and it is exactly how I want a Pinterest scheduler to work.

Pinterest is awesome. There is so much goodness on there.

It is also a time blackhole.

It is also an excellent source of traffic for Playful Matters.

Catch 22. Pin alot and often = lots of lovely traffic.

Mum of four kids + virtual blackhole = unhappy household.

Hello, Viraltag. It is a paid tool but the lovely people at Viraltag have given me an opportunity to review it in exchange for a free trial period. I love that I can bulk select images from any Pinterest board, Pinterest page, favourite websites, posts and searchs, and then spread out those pins using a schedule of my choosing.

Viraltag also have a bookmarking button that I have added to my browser bar, which makes it so easy to schedule a pin from a website I am viewing, with just a click.

Growing Pinterest With Viraltag: In Just One Hour A Week

Before you start! Make a note of what boards you can bulk schedule too (usually your own) and which ones you can only occasionally pin too in order to stay within the rules of that board.

Viraltag analytics is able to analyse your traffic data and provide a ‘best times to post’. They also provide a Posting Schedule that can be added to or deleted from, according to your needs. When you click ‘Add All To Que’ your pins will be scheduled according to this Posting Schedule.

Pin the best of the Pinterest Home Feed

Open Pinterest and scroll right to the bottom at least ten times (more if you can). Click the Viraltag bookmarking tool in your browser bar. Go through a select the very best images. A really quick way is to only select images that would suit one board.

Growing Pinterest with Viraltag

Click Schedule. This will open a new window where you select what boards you want each pin to go on to or if you are batching select ‘Choose’ at the top left and select the board you want all the pins to go to. I recommend you select ‘Schedule’ and select an interval time so that each batch theme is alternating with the others. The problem with batching and ‘Add All To Que’ is you will have one theme being pinned one after the other.

Growing Pinterest with Viraltag

Click ‘Schedule’.

Pin Your Posts

Go to your website and pin images from new posts onto your website Pinterest board. Here’s Playful Matters Pinterest board:

Growing Pinterest with Viraltag

Head back over to Pinterest and go into your profile. Click on your website Pinterest Board and scroll right to the bottom a few times to get to some older posts. Then click the¬†Viraltag bookmarking tool in your browser bar and select a mix of old and new posts to schedule out onto other boards. Click either ‘Schedule’ or ‘Add to Que’.

It would be very handy to have a checklist of posts and boards so you know at a glance what posts you have pinned to what boards and when you last did it.

Pin Related Posts

Think of a topic that you are interested in or your readers are interested in. Enter this topic into the Pinterest Search bar. For example: I am really interested in Reggio Emilia environments at the moment, so I put Reggio Emilia environments in the search bar and got a nice big Pinterest feed of images. Again I scrolled down about ten times and clicked the Viraltag bookmarking button. Then I went through a selected the very best images that suited one of my boards and clicked ‘Schedule’. Now I can choose if I want to ‘Add to Que’ or if I want to ‘Pin every xx minutes’.

Check Your Dashboard

That’s it! When I looked at my Viraltag Dashboard I had over a week’s worth of pins all qued up to go. It’s good to have a look at your scheduled pins and check that there’s a nice mix of your website pins and other’s pins.

Viraltag is being very proactive with customer service and have made it a priority to communicate with me if I had any questions. They even extended my free trial for another five days when I requested more time to nut out this weekly scheduling plan. Also, by posting how I’m growing with Viraltag today I will receive a free six month subscription to Viraltag. I really hope that by implementing this weekly scheduling plan with the help of Viraltag that I will see an increase of traffic over to Playful Matters website, increased followers and increased views on Pinterest. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime if you loved what you have read here today, why not head on over to Viraltag to trial it for yourself with their free offer!

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