Become An Organised Mum: Home Management Planner

I don’t know about you but by the end of last year I was exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling to make it through each day with my mental health intact!

Strawberry and Ooffa are a few weeks shy of their third birthday and the activity and energy of these two is a wonder to behold. Exhausting but rewarding. When life gets overwhelming my home management planner has always been my go to tool for staying on track and slowing things down and reminding me of what are the essential tasks. I can identify from my planner where I am taking too much on and bring things back to an even keel.

This is my old Home Management Planner.

Household plannerIt has faithfully served me for 7 years but it has been in need of an overhaul for a while.

This Home Management Planner contained ALOT. From our rhythm to Christmas planning.

But it contained too much and became overwhelming and also pretty bulky to shelve and use. So this year I have decided to break my Home Management Planner down into four separate folders.

  1. Healthy Me Folder.
  2. Christmas Planner.
  3. Blog Management Folder.
  4. Home Management Folder.

Household plannerI started with these folders. I am using the 50 pocket display book for my Home Management Planner.

Using some scrapbook paper and die cut letters I created a sweet cover that I adore looking at! I also stamped a quote that inspires me everyday:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined!

I believe that having a home management planner means I am intentional in how I live each day and allows the possibility of bringing my dreams of happy and peaceful home to fruition.

Household plannerHousehold plannerI have nine dividers inside my folder:

  1. Family rhythm
  2. Cleaning
  3. Meal Planning
  4. Important numbers
  5. Family Medical Information
  6. Household Budget
  7. School Information
  8. Family Fun
  9. Household Management

Household plannerScrapbook paper and coloured sticky tabs show where each section begins.

Family Rhythm

Household plannerCleaning

Meal Planning

Important Numbers

  • Home evacuation plan
  • Emergency information sheet (FREE printable from Organized Home) – police, fire, ambulance, poison information line, doctors, neighbours
  • Phone list of family, neighbours, close friends
  • Numbers for tax, insurance, super
  • Bank account numbers

Family Mediacal Information

  • One sheet for each person that lists health insurance details, medications, vitamins, medical history
  • Illness record sheet. Lists who it is, time, temperature, medication given, amount given, notes.
  • Prescriptions are also kept in here.

Household Budget

  • Budget sheet
  • Bills due
  • Bills paid/receipts

School Information

Family Fun

Household Management

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