Indoor Fort Toddler Fun

We have been having quite a bit of rain over the week and it has left the garden in quite a wet state. I wish I had more herbs and vegetables in the garden because the garden is loving all this rain. The children are also loving the rain but when the puddles are ankle deep we like to get inside!

Indoor Fort Toddler FunThere is something about a sheet strewn over a couch and the cosy little burrow that results underneath. Soon the soft toys and the books are moving in too and a whole afternoon of fun can be had with only a sheet and a couch!

Indoor Fort Toddler FunOf course, when there’s an active three year old involved, jumping on the cubby roof is just as much fun…

Indoor Fort Toddler Fun…as is sliding off the couch into nice, big, soft cushions!

Indoor Fort Toddler Fun

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