Introducing the Pink Tower

Our first true Montessori material, The Pink Tower! For those not sure what this is, it is a sensorial material used in Montessori to encourage children to notice the difference in height, length and width.

Introducing the pink towerOne of the things I love about Montessori is that the use of materials is down to whether a child is ready to use it, not whether their age matches a box recommendation! I love that knowing whether a child is ready or not comes down to a parents observations, after all no-one knows your child better than you! Through a parents careful observation we can determine if a child is ready for something, avoiding pushing a concept onto a child that is just not ready or willing. This is how we develop children with a love for learning!

Chook is so ready for learning! I love it! It is exciting to be a part of his journey and we have such a great time!

Introducing the pink towerWhile using the Pink Tower we are using mathematical language associated with size such as large, smaller, big and position words such as beside, top and bottom.

Strawberry and Ooffa are still quite content to simply explore the pink tower. My offers of showing them the horizontal presentation have been flatly refused! So I take my ques from them. They are not ready for me to show them this presentation. I will give them more time to explore the material. But I don’t give up! Each time we have the  pink tower out I make an offer, in time one or both will allow me to make the presentation 🙂

Introducing the pink towerWhat I have been able to observe in their explorations of the pink tower is some self correcting behaviors. Such as noticing when they have put a block that is too large on to a smaller block. I have watched as they have removed the smaller block and then replaced it on top of the larger block.

Introducing the pink towerHere you can see how capable Chook has become with whole hand grasping. He is able to self correct using one hand!

Introducing the pink towerTo see more of what we are doing in our home school here’s our post on Beginning a Montessori Rhythm which discusses our curriculum.

The Pink Tower Develops:

  • Fine motor skills of whole hand grasping and finger grip. Develops coordination.
  • Language development of mathematical concepts of size, position and shape.
  • Cognitive learning of being able to tell the difference between blocks of different sizes and their position in an order. Ordering objects according to size. Comparing objects of different sizes. Develops concentration.

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