Jigsaw Puzzles With Toddlers

Toddler Jigsaw 1

Jigsaw Puzzles With Toddlers develops:

  • Gross motor skills. This puzzle is so large that the children have to move about to place the pieces
  • Fine motor development through grasping the piece and manipulating the piece to fit.
  • Language development through labelling and discussion about the contents of the picture. Early reading and writing is developed through recognition that the position of an object is important. Letters b and d are similar in shape but their position identifies them for what they are.
  • Cognitive development through problem solving, shape recognition, matching and sorting. Enhances memory.
  • Social development through completing the puzzle together and sharing the completed puzzle with others.

I bought this Dinosaur¬†Puzzle about ten years ago for my teen. It is beautifully coloured with lovely bright colours and there are details within the picture that encourage your child’s ever expanding vocabulary! The puzzle is by Galt Toys. I have bought a few things from their range over the years and have always been impressed by their quality (just check out this Dinosaur Puzzle!). But what I love the most about this jigsaw (and so do the kids!) is…

Toddler Jigsaw 2

…there are empty spaces shaped like dinosaurs…

Toddler Jigsaw 3

…that you fill with the appropriate shaped dinosaur!

Toddler Jigsaw 5Toddler Jigsaw 4Simplify this activity by completing the puzzle border leaving only the dinosaur shapes to be filled in by the children.

Simplify further by obtaining a  sturdy wooden puzzle with a shape to fit into an appropriately shaped space.

Extend by completing smaller sized puzzles.

Extend further by obtaining puzzles with more pieces.

3 comments on “Jigsaw Puzzles With Toddlers

  1. I’m a big fan of the melissa and doug puzzles. They make great childrens products that actually last. I’ve never bought any of the Galt Toys puzzles, but the images look great. I’ll keep them on my mind next time I go shopping. Great post Amie!

  2. What a fantastic jigsaw. I love how it has the usual different shaped pieces, but also a piece for each dinosaur independently. Allowing the child to play with it in two different ways. Thank you for sharing.

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