Our Weekly Play

I am sure you can appreciate that four kids keeps this Mama VERY busy!
So busy that often this blog is WAY down on the priority list and that is how how it should be.
I know only too well how quickly time flies and before you know it they’re not little anymore.
The problems that seemed so huge once before are no longer there.
School starts and the rhythm changes.
They grow.
Birthdays come and they grow.
Before long they’re in high school.
Starting their first job.
Getting their license.
Growing into independent young people.
And they are longer just yours to hold and cuddle and be silly with.

To capture this precious time I hope to post weekly a snippet of our play, learning and creating over the week.
January 377FamilyWe spent special time with cousins.
Koala LouRead a favourite Australian story.
menu planningGot meals organised for the week.
owlsStarted the 40 Owls for 40 collection.
kids valentines bookmarksCreated keepsake Valentine gifts.
Learn Play Create Summer Week 7Created felt board props for our favourite rhyme.

Capturing our precious momentsĀ on instagram. I am tripletttmum.

To play. To learn. To create.

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