Our Weekly Play

A weekly snippet of our play, creating and learning over the week.
valentines card 2Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or prefer to acknowledge those you love in more subtle ways, I hope you all had a lovely day regardless!
Exploring floatingThis week we explored floating using found natural objects.
Owls 210 of 40 owls. (My 40 for 40 project).
Weekly bookWe read two books this week. One to celebrate the start of Chook’s new adventure, attending Kindergarten 2 days a week at a local community school and the other was our love themed book.
First dayOff to Kindy.
Montessori TrayOne of our whole hand transfer Montessori trays.
Pink towerUsing the Pink Tower to show stairs.
Snack boxA yummy homemade Snack Box treat.

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To play. To create. To learn.

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