Our Weekly Play

A weekly snippet of our play, creating and learning over the week.


A lot of the time it is just go.

Go. Go. Go

Just do.

Just eat.

Just sleep.

Just Hurry Up.

No one ever told me that it is really not the best way for me to enjoy my kids.

Sometimes I just want to sit still and be.

So today I did.

The slow cooker is doing it’s thing in the corner of my kitchen.
{Triple T Mum} Our Weekly Play
The bread maker has just finished and the delicious aroma of fresh baked bread is wafting through the house.
{Triple T Mum} Our Weekly Play
The twins are naked and jumping on the bed…redirected to the trampoline.

Chook and I are still in our pj’s. At 11am. Oh yeah, let’s call it a jammie day 😉


Today. Just be.

Join us on instagram. I am tripletttmum.

To play. To create. To learn.Join us on instagram. I am tripletttmum.

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