Literacy Activity: Bunny Masks

 Bunny Mask Literacy ActivityOur book of the week is Splat The Cat: Where’s The Easter Bunny?

Bunny Mask Literacy ActivityInspired by this fun book we completed a quick and easy craft plus had lots of fun acting the story out with some dramatic play.

Here is a full tutorial with a free, printable template.

  1. Download the template. Print it out onto white card stock and cut out all the pieces.
  2. Trace around the mask onto craft foam and cut out.
  3. Apply double sided tape to the ear area and apply cotton wool.
  4. Cut out a nose from craft foam and apply double sided tape to the back.
  5. Cut some strips of white card for whiskers.
  6. Apply double sided tape to the nose area and attach whiskers.
  7. Press the nose firmly over the top of the whiskers where the nose should go.

I used craft foam for a strong lasting mask but you could use the printed out card stock mask if you don’t have craft foam to hand.

Bunny Mask Literacy ActivityUsing double sided tape for applying the features to the mask makes this a great craft for my little mix of ages. The masks were completed in no time at all so we could start our planned activities around the book.

We had a wonderful time moving like rabbits.

Bunny Mask Literacy ActivityWe tried to find where the Easter Bunny was hiding!

Bunny Mask Literacy Activity

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