Magpie Craft Literacy Activity

Magpie craft Literacy activity

This week we have been reading Waddle Giggle Gargle by Pamela Allen. I like to use our books that we are reading as springboards for our play and learning activities. So this week I created a gorgeous Magpie printable for an invitation to create, Magpie craft.


Magpie craft Literacy activity

The magpie featured in this book is the Australian Magpie. A very different bird to the British Magpie! Although they share the same colouring, the Australian magpie is twice the size and has a nasty habit of swooping anyone that comes near it’s nest during nesting season.

As a child I came to know the terrors of magpie nesting season, getting swooped often on my way to school. We had a variety of defenses for keeping a magpie at bay, my favourite being the empty ice cream tub on the head with eyes decorated all over it (we discovered they wont swoop if they think you’re looking at them)! This is going to be our next magpie craft activity!

The children have loved hearing me tell this tale from my childhood for storytelling 🙂

Inspired by this gorgeous and fun book we used a magpie in flight drawn onto card. I then cut the magpie out so I had a frame and I had a magpie for another project. (See photo below).

You can download the free template HERE.

Literacy Collage

CLICK on the image for your FREE magpie printable!

Our Magpie Craft Collage Activity

I attached contact paper to the frame picture to be used in our magpie craft collage activity.

Magpie craft Literacy activity

Strawberry and Ooffa joined in on this activity.

Magpie craft Literacy activity

They really enjoyed touching the stickyness of the contact paper and were excited by the Create Trays that I placed on the tables with the collage materials. I needed a tray each for Strawberry and Ooffa as sharing at two is a foreign concept!

Magpie craft Literacy activity

They also enjoyed putting pom poms on the sticky contact and taking them off again 🙂

The magpie picture was used in a gluing and glitter activity. I gave Chook a small bottle of white glue. He then ‘drew’ lines and squiggles with the glue.

Magpie craft Literacy activity

Once Chook had completed the glue ‘drawing’ we placed the magpie into our glitter tray. Using our egg shakers Chook shook as much glitter as he could all over the magpie revealing the gorgeous way he had decorated the wing tips.

Magpie craft Literacy activity


Magpie craft Literacy activity

I just love putting their art work on the door 🙂

Magpie craft Literacy activity

Chook – 3.5 years old
Strawberry – 24 months
Ooffa – 24 months

Yours in play,


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