How To Make A Toddler-Sized Scarecrow

How to make a toddler-sized scarecrowHere in Australia, it is spring. This is the time our family gets the vegetable garden really going. Last week Chook and I got into the garden together and created a kids garden – Making A Vegetable Garden For Kids. During this shared time he brought up the idea of having a scarecrow in the garden. Well, one of the major jobs to get done in our garden is to lay mulch over the garden beds, so there was a whole bale of hay just sitting there to be used in our new project!

To make the project quick and achievable for Chook we used old clothes of his. We now have the friendliest toddler-sized scarecrow in our garden. He is loved by everyone!

How To Make A Toddler Sized Scarecrow

How to make a toddler-sized scarecrowYou will need…
Children’s overalls
Child’s shirt
A long thick piece of doweling
Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut the dowel in two pieces. One long piece for the stand and a shorter piece that will be the arms.

2. At the top of the long dowel piece cut a deep groove across the middle.

How to make a toddler-sized scarecrowI didn’t realise how important these first steps are until after we were half way through making the scarecrow! I tried to capture how the doweling has been secured together in the photo. Hopefully you can grasp what I did!

3. Take a long piece of twine. Make a lower case t shape with the dowel pieces and then wind the twine around the join crossing over often. Knot it tightly then take one length of the remaining string over the top of the dowel (sitting it into the groove) and knot it off tightly at the middle join.

 How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow4. Using gloves stuff a bundle of hay down the legs so hay pokes out from the bottom. Tie the bottom of the legs off with twine.

5. Continue to stuff the overalls with hay. Chook helped out here and we found it easier to stuff the hay if it was crushed into a ball first.
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow6. Again use handfuls of hay to stuff the arms so hay pokes out of the arm holes. Tie of the bottom of the sleeves with twine.

7. Lightly stuff the shirt with hay then place it into the overalls and continue to stuff more hay in. Tucking the shirt in as you go and pulling around the collar to get a good shape. Stuff your scarecrow until he’s bulging! He’ll lose some of that bulk over time in the garden, but you want him looking good for a while yet!
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow8. I sewed a piece of calico into a head shape, but a pillowcase will do the job or one of those calico rice bags.

9. Stuff the scarecrow’s head nice and full!
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow10. Using felt I created the facial features for the scarecrow. Use really good glue to stick your pieces together (I used a hot glue gun).
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow11. I applied the hot glue to the facial piece and handed it to Chook to place onto the scarecrow. We started with the nose.
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrowHow to make a toddler-sized scarecrowHow to make a toddler-sized scarecrowIsn’t this the happiest garden scarecrow you have ever seen?! I was going to put a hat on him but he is so cute without one!
How to make a toddler-sized scarecrow

Creating A Scarecrow Develops:

    • Fine motor skills through creating the scarecrow face from felt pieces and placing onto the face.
    • Language development through developing the child’s idea of a scarecrow and extending their thinking, discuss the scarecrow and the making of it.
    • Cognitive learning – using natural materials to create a scarecrow, reusing old clothes to make a scarecrow.
    • Social skills: co-operate and work collaboratively to create a scarecrow.
    • Emotional skills such as perseverance and feelings of success can be encouraged through this activity.

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