Making Gelatin Sun Catchers

I love to hang crafty things around our home! My kids love to make things that hang and spin and twirl and sparkle! Today I am bringing you a wonderful tutorial for making gelatin sun catchers which when dry are beautiful and there is so much learning to be had while making them.

Gelatin Sun Catcher

Making a Gelatin Sun Catcher Develops:

Fine motor skills through use of the dropper to add colour, stirring
Language development. Discuss the colours mixing and creating new colours. Discuss the change from a liquid to a solid.
Cognitive learning – dissolving, colour mixing, science concepts of change in states of matter, use of the five senses.
Social skills of turn taking.
Emotional skills of appreciating creating something to enjoy around the home.

Gelatin Sun Catcher

How To A Make Gelatin Sun Catcher

You will need…
Moulds: Silicone moulds, shallow lids, ramekins, any vessel that will hold liquid
1tsp gelatin
Boiling water
Food dye
Stirring stick: toothpick, craft stick, kebab stick…

Gelatin Sun Catcher

1. Place 1 teaspoon of gelatin into your chosen mould. Pour in hot water to just cover the base of the mould.

Gelatin Sun Catcher

2. Using the teaspoon stir until the gelatin has dissolved. Stir gently to avoid bubbles forming in the gelatin mix. Remove any bubbles that have formed as they will create holes in your sun catcher.

Gelatin Sun Catcher

3. Once the gelatin has dissolved, use the droppers to add small droplets of colour.

Gelatin Sun Catcher

4. Using a stirring stick, swish it through the droplets of colour. The gelatin suspends the colour allowing you to create a marble effect, swirls, ribbons. Of course, the over enthusiastic toddler will create clouds of colour! Which when dry are just as gorgeous too 🙂

Gelatin Sun CatcherGelatin Sun Catcher

5. Once you are happy with your colour work. Leave the mixture to dry in a safe place. It will need three or four days to dry completely out.

*Tip: I discovered that moving the tray to it’s drying spot caused the colours mix even further, making the design muddy not that gorgeous marbling effect you see in the picture. If you can create your suncatcher where it is going to dry and not move it you will retain this beautiful marbling 🙂

You will know it is ready because it will start to come away from the edges of the mould, it feels hard and when you tap it, it sounds crisp.

6. Once dry, remove it from the mould, punch a hole through the top and tie some string through the hole. Hang where ever it pleases you and your kids :).

Gelatin Sun Catcher

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