Meet Laura from Play Dr Mom

Meet Laura, the mum (Mom) behind Play Dr Mom.

Laura is a psychologist who specialises in play therapy, a job she does part-time while she’s a full-time mum to two kids.

Over on Play Dr Mom, Laura posts about parenting and playing “… through my lens of being a mom that is also a therapist who specializes in children.  I want it to not only share the fun things we do, play, and create … but also WHY those things are SO important”.

Laura has been hosting The Weekly Kids Co-Op since March 2012 and has been combining the link party with her ABC’s of… series, where she puts a blogger in the spotlight…which reminds me, I really must send her my ABC’s!

Here are some of my favourite posts from Play Dr Mom:

Now it is time for this weeks The Weekly Kids’ Co-Op!

Heads up: Next week I will feature our Weekly Kids Co-Op host, Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!



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