Monthly Menu Planning

I am challenging myself to reduce our grocery shopping bill. I have heard that a once a month grocery shop can save time and money. Last week I started on a new homemaking adventure…menu planning for a whole month! But to start I needed to work out what recipes were going to work. I also didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a months worth of food, so I am starting slow. I hope that you also find this approach useful.

The second step when beginning once a month grocery shopping is creating a Master Shopping Inventory. I have to be honest here, I am not looking forward to this step. I have tried to do this before and it just got confusing and overwhelming! So I have been hunting around Google and Pinterest and checking out what others have been doing. Check out our Home Sorted Pinterest Board for some of the best ideas I found. Using a combination of these ideas I have begun to create a Master Shopping Inventory using Excel and the Woolworths app.

Below are my notes from last week’s menu plan on what meals can be frozen or prepared in bulk. Menu Planning: 2015 Weekly Menu Plan April Notes As I went about each day I began to note whether a meal would be suitable for batch cooking (or making in bulk). I noted if it was freezable and I began to note ingredients and quantities in my menu planning notes. I also started noting items that needed replaced in our pantry, freezer and fridge and estimated quantities needed to last a month and started a bulk shopping list in my Woolworths app.

Here is this weeks menu plan:

Menu Planning: 2015 Weekly Menu Plan April

I hope you have found this monthly menu planning post useful! I am going to be posting more as I explore options for cutting costs for a large family. What tips do you have to share?

Yours in play,

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