Live In The Moment ~ The Abundant Mama Project

My life is full, mothering four children!

Surrounded by noise.

Constant chatter.

No space for peace.

Each day I rise from my bed to start all over again. As my feet hit the floor my mind is already cycling through a multitude of questions and tasks. “What will today hold?” “Will it be a good day?” “What mood will they be in?” “How can I make the day go better?” “What can I do to make things go easier?”

Abundant Mama ProjectWhen I did the Abundant Mama Project e-course in February Shawn brought our attention to the concept of mindful living. This is such a good thing to practice if you have a mind that never stops thinking. Like mine. Shawn guided me to the power of a journal as a tool to assist me in becoming a mindful parent. To get out of my head and live in the moment.

I didn’t realise having four children would be so hard.

At some point in my day I will think “This is so hard”. I wish I didn’t have this thought pop into my head daily. I wish that when I thought it, I could turn it around into a positive. But it is hard to be positive when you have just sat down to only have to get back up again to retrieve the water bottle that is now being emptied all over the carpet. Then you realise the hot cup of tea is within reach on the bench, so you are running back there to prevent an injury. Meanwhile, the water bottle is now empty, the carpet is soaking and the bottle has been ditched at the nearest head. Cries of “Mummy! Ooffa hit me” and loud sobs round the corner, as you reach down to console the hurt child, the child you just prevented from getting scolded by hot tea decides to head down the hall way. After consoling the hurt child and returning them to their activity, you sit down to enjoy that still warm cup of tea to only realise the house is quiet and that is NEVER a good thing. Then you remember the child that headed down the hallway and the absence of the other twin from the living room. You get back up again. Head down the hallway. A noise alerts you to the bathroom. Upon opening the door you are greeted with two toddlers sitting on the counter top, feet in the basin, tubes of toothpaste in their hands, toothpaste smeared all over the mirrors, cabinets, walls and floor.

It’s a real tag team effort around here! Create a little mayhem over there to distract Mum. Then while she’s busy let’s find out what has been left unlocked and see what we can do! Everyday. It’s tiring. I never knew how vigilant you need to be until I had three toddlers. But even in telling my story, I find myself thinking, aren’t they amazing? How clever to create a smokescreen so they can explore something they are really interested in, but aren’t allowed to explore and to do it without speaking a word.

Abundant Mama ProjectAnd when I caught them what did I see? Joy. Fun. They have no idea, no concept of the expense in buying toothpaste. The wastefulness of what they are doing. The cleaning up that I would now have to do. The cold cup of tea on the bench. They only know that moment.

I am inspired by their joy of living in the moment. I am inspired by their joy of life.

It is a privilege to watch my children grow and learn. How amazing they are!

My journey to become an Abundant Mama is helping me to realise there is magic in the ordinary. And the only way I will see that magic is by living in the moment. I need to get out of my head. Away from the to-do list and making sure I am doing it right. I need to live in the moment. I need to see the magic not how hard it is.

If you are ready to slow down and start appreciating the everyday moments as a mother, there are just a few more spaces left in the FINAL Abundant Mama Project of this year & the brand new Peace Circle, a quaint coaching group where the focus is completely on being peaceful mamas for the rest of this year!



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  4. So lovely! I “try” ever so hard to parent with attention to being in the present and acting with intention (hence why I called my blog, The Deliberate Mom). This Abundant Mama project sounds amazing and it sounds like it inspired you.

    Thank you for sharing this story of life, application, and the embracing of the moment.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Gluten Free Oatmeal Banana CookiesMy Profile

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